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January 24, 2013



Three Volcanoes Erupt In Kamchatka Peninsula

10 Volcanic Quakes Rock Taal Volcano

Stratospheric Warming Causing Northern Hemisphere Freeze

Millions Without Water In Chile Earlier This Week

Chile Expanding Antarctica Claims

Gold-plated Medicine, Cure For Cancer

Vitamin D For Breast Cancer

Globesity: How Globalists Are Feeding Off The Obesity Crisis

Sales Tax Standoff: Amazon vs. Georgia

Former French President Dodges Tax Hike, Moving

$6000 Water Bills?  No Worries, City Will Set Up Payment Plans

Gary The Goat's Flower-Eating Crime Spree

De-cloaking UFO During Inauguration

UFO Sighting: Cornwall, UK

Obama Transparency: Erotic Novel Released

Apps For Apes: New Ipad Program

Government Retirement For Chimps

Scientists: “We’re Evolving To 12-Strand DNA”

Oxford Professor: Genetically Altering Unborn Babies’ Personalities A Moral Obligation

Denied: Neanderthal Surrogate Search Misinterpreted


January 23, 2013

Comet Ison Has Entourage?

Comet Of The Century Expected In November 

Daytime Dazzler 

Could Outshine The Full Moon 

James M. McCanney, M.S. Physics, 1/20/2013: ...at least one companion …up to seven

Comet C/2012 S1 Ison (Images) 

Gamma Ray Burst In 8th Century

Evidence In Tree Rings

Laptop-Sized Spacecrafts, 2015 Launch

Update:  US Navy Fined By Phillipines, Illegal Entry At Coral Reef

Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops

Le Pew: French Gas Leak Reaches UK

…And Paris

…And Northern France 

Scots Warned Of Snow Disruptions

Sudden Stratospheric Warming Responsible

How Cold Is It?

Icy Cold Commute, Frozen Cola On Highway

Snowball Fights Banned In Belgium

Canada's Icewine, Frozen Grapes Gathered Under The Stars

Doo Drop Inn:  Musical Bird Droppings

Do delinquent teens have the best taste in music?

“Forget Me Knot” Skin Ring - $500,000 

World’s First 3-D Printed House 

Cheese Fire Causes Traffic Meltdown

Georgia Witnesses Photograph UFOs

UFOs On The Moon: Scientists,
Astronauts, YouTube Users Report Strange Sightings

World Leaders At Davos Discuss “X Factors”, Including Alien Life


January 22, 2013

Tens of Thousands Stranded

Snow Disrupts Flights in Europe

Latest: Travel Chaos In France

 “…Feels Like A Mini Ice Age,” Says London Mayor 

Europe: Gas Prices Skyrocket As Temperatures Plummet 

BRRRR: Frigid Temps Across U.S., Minus 50o Wind Chill 

Ships At Australia Port Seek Safety As Cyclone Looms

Town Isolated In Cyclone's Wake

Israeli Teachers Paid For Military Recruitment

Wealth Discrimination: College And Caviar

Quadruple Helix DNA Discovered

Overpopulation Fears Not Adding Up

Tucson Oddity: Public Drums

Can’t Afford To Be Sick? Flu Season Fuels Debate Over Paid Sick Leave Laws

Schools Tells Mom, Get Breast Reduction For 6th Grade Daughter

Coffee Prices Going Up

SNL: Starbuck’s Home Experience

Quinoa, Superfood Economics

Cat Journeys 200 Miles To Get Home 

Data Storage In Quartz, 300 Million Years

Mysterious Sounds Attributed To Bigfoot

Treasury Mints 2 Trillion Dollar Coins

Bull Riding Condors, Tradition Faces Critics

21 Pythons Caught In Florida Contest  

Man Wrestles Shark Away From Children

Large Triangle UFO Over Pennsylvania

Mirror Mirror: Identical Twin Couple Gives Birth To Identical Twins

Environmentalist Hikes 1,700-Mile Pipeline Route  

James M. McCanney, M.S. Physics
January 20, 2013 posting:
...This just in ...initial data suggests that Comet C/2012/S1 has at least one companion and possibly up to seven ...


January 21, 2013

Blizzards, Rainstorms Sweep Europe

…Travel Chaos Across France

World Wide Daily Snow And Ice Cover Map

New Yeti Resort In Siberia

NJ Town Proposes Ban On Flying American Flag

Sorry Vets, Pentagon Says Retirement Too Expensive

Two-Finger Gesture - What Does It Mean?

TSA Confiscation List: Chastity Belts, Eels, Marijuana In Peanut Butter

Design Flaw: 'Lightning II' Jet Prone To Lightning-Induced Explosions?

Man Steals Dad's Corpse To Bring Him Back To Life

Planet's Richest Could End World Poverty

UK Charity Seeks 'New Deal' On Inequality

Enough To End Global Poverty 4 Times Over

Poor Pooch: Police Officers Pitch In For Dog’s Emergency Surgery

Maori Tribal Monument Unveiled In Antarctica

"Navigator Of The Heavens" - One Face Points To Sky, Other To South Pole

Military Witness: Triangle UFO Over California Coast

IRS Loses Lawsuit Against Tax Preparers

Money Actually Does Buy Happiness, Study Says


January 20, 2013

Jakarta Underwater
Record Snowfall In India

Incredible!  A Snowless Chicago

'Kindergarten Terrorist': 5-Year-Old Girl Suspended Over Bubble-Gun ‘Threat’

US School Boots Student Who Refused To Wear 'Mark Of The Beast' Tracking Device

Digital Pixie Dust In Disneyland

YELLOW Snow Made From Sewage-Water Disgusts Public, Turns Off Skiers

Serial Cow Killers Baffle French Farmers

Wanted: Surrogate For Neanderthal Baby
HAL Uncensored:  Artificial Intelligence With An Attitude

Fossilized Algae Inside Meteorite?

Getting A Flu Shot Can Be Sticking Point With Healthcare Workers
Is The Flu Shot Worth The Chemical Cocktail?

SHOCK: Biotech Using Aborted Fetal Cells…

Wild Night Out! Georgia May Jagger Dresses As A Demonic Lizard For Her 21st Birthday

For Space Station, A Pod That Folds Like Shirt, Inflates Like Balloon

Fish With Radiation Over 2,500 Times Safe Levels Found Near Fukushima Plant



January 19, 2013

Russian Snowpocalypse

…While Sydney Sizzles

Brrrr: Half-Naked Russian Runs Miles In -40° Temps After Falling Off Train

Most crew leaves US Navy ship stuck on coral reef in Philippines

Protected Coral Reef May Be 'Irreversibly' Damaged By US Navy Ship (PHOTOS)

Navy Ship Runs Aground On Coral Reef

Crashed Us Drone Found Nearby

Rin Tin Zen: Local Dog School Includes “Doga” Classes

China pollution: Airpocalypse

Air Pollution In Asia: Real-Time Air Quality Index Visual Map

Ukrainian Ex-Prime Minister To Be Charged With Murder

Lucky Gold Strike!  11 Pound Nugget

Britain Work Assessments Require Disabled To Return To Work

Work ‘Til You Drop: CEOs Want To Raise The Retirement Age To 70 

Wild Child of British Fashion Back To Work

Strange Substance From Crashed UFO Blamed For Millions Of Dead Fish Off Okinawa

Japanese Government Official Confirms Partial Recovery Of Crashed UFO

Great Lakes Island To Claim Independence, Secede From Michigan

ACLU Suing Philadelphia: Man Jailed 45 Days For Filming Cops

ACLU Sues On Behalf of Student Arrested For Videotaping Police

ACLU: Philadelphia police routinely arrest those who film officers

Fukushima Debris Hits Hawaii

…Fridge Parts And Oyster Buoys

Nothing Happened?  Massive Fireball Strikes Marquesas Islands On Mayan End Date

'Widow Ghost' Blamed For Thailand Deaths

Morning Jolt!  Alarm Clock Shocks You Awake

The Scoop on Poop: Feces Transplant More Effective For Than Antibiotics

Sci-Fi Speed Dating - Nerds Deserve Love Too!



Friday, January 18, 2013

Darpa In Deep With Drones?

3d Printed Guns Render Gun Control Moot

Congressman Says Ban 3d-Printable Guns

The Birds… Hitchcock Was Right

Navy Ship Runs Aground On Coral Reef

Crashed Us Drone Found Nearby

Daily Devotion: Dog Waits On Deceased Master At Her Church

Louisiana Sinkhole -- still growing

China pollution: Airpocalypse

Two U.S. Power Plants Fall Victim To Viruses

Russia Bans U.S. Meat…

… Due To Dangerous Drug Residue

Meat Supply Shipments Banned

Compressorhead Puts the “Metal” in Heavy Metal

Michigan UFOs Baffle Many

Arizona witness captures triangle lights over Chandler

New Discovery Provides Unprecedented Control of Magnetic Fields

Small Nuke Reactors For Oil Sands Mining In Canada
No Tell Telephone



Thursday, January 17, 2013

Red Wave Down Under

Pentagon admits: Navy's newest warship can't survive combat

Satanists plan rally in support of Florida governor

Good Vibrations

New Island Rises From Sea Off German Coast

In The Dark About The Unknown Benefits Of Sunlight?

Even More Mystery Booms Reported in Utah, California

When Proof Is Not Enough: Proof of Heaven and the Problem of Objectivity in Science

'*#@!' Words Legal Again In Britain

China Mysteriously Quadruples Rice Imports

Insane Downhill Bike Race In Chile Valparaiso Polc 2011

The Mighty (Dry) Mississippi River…  May Soon Be Unnavigable

Congressional Disclosure Studies Alien Moon Bases

UFO Captured On Security Camera

San Onofre Nuclear Showdown

Warmth, lack of snow a problem for Iditarod in Alaska

Global warming protesters met by freezing weather and snow

Britain braces for snow drifts of up to 10 inches

'Bomb cyclone' blizzard claims life, hurts 900 in Tokyo

Freezing rain, snow spread to Northeast as South shivers

Freezing rain, ice knocks out power to thousands in Kentucky