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Proximal Convergence and the Coalescing of Energy 


By Julian Wash

Monday, July 1, 2013

For: rattlereport.com

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Something mighty curious is going on out there, and it's been likely going on for a long, long time. Seems no one has a word for it though- so if the reader will indulge me, I'd like to pin a term on a certain phenomena I've been observing for a while now. The hope is that using an identifying phrase will somehow aide in an explanation, provide a tool, or at least provide a starting point of sorts. I'll expand on my observation in a moment, but for now let me suggest that you've been an unwitting partner in this quirky little aspect of nature -and that's an understatement.
I must also ask the reader to keep an open mind and consider all possibilities, because what I'm presenting is an idea rooted in the belief that energy is not only ubiquitous- but that it also tends to concentrate in various places throughout this planet for reasons unknown. The classic example, of course, are the so-called "ley lines" which proposes that energy coalesces at various junctions on the planet -and that these axial nodes exhibit unique properties. I've taken this idea one step further by suggesting that an energy of a similar sort somehow exhibits its influence on something clearly more mundane; the flow of street traffic throughout our network of highways and byways.
Let me reiterate that this is merely my observation- an observation that has not been vetted by any objective third party, no academia and no high-brow professor types within the scientific or even metaphysical communities. So the idea has neither been repudiated, excoriated nor scrutinized by friends, peers or even by my most poignant critic, Mom.

I'm not suggesting the following scenarios happen all the time. What I am presenting is my contention that such events happen at a much higher order and frequency than probability would otherwise suggest. How much higher I can't exactly say- I've not been able to adequately quantify or assign a percentage to the observation. But this is what I can tell you...

It happened again last night; 


I was driving home late last night on the heels of a thunderstorm. I live off a rural route in the high desert of southern Arizona -I drive just over four miles of dusty, unpaved road to get to my rather humble dwelling nestled deep within the mesquite, soap yuccas and barrel cactus that dot the riparian landscape. It is on these many journeys back and forth from the main town that I began to notice a curious event that I've loosely coined "proximal convergence."


At first I would dismiss these events as simply coincidence, but over time I began to sense more was afoot. The next stage was when I began to feel these events were real or meaningful in some way, but might exist only in rural settings. I've since surmised that this phenomena occurs in all places, and if anything, it is even more prevalent in big cities. However, because of the high stimulus and hustle and bustle so characteristic of big city life, certain subtle energies are not readily observable. Sometimes it takes the more simplified setting of a rural community along with a keen observer to witness certain phenomena in action.


Corners, intersections and cattle guards;

Over the past three years of living in this rural locale, I've noticed the odd occurrence where when making a turn onto another road, seemingly out of nowhere, another vehicle suddenly appears and rounds the same corner going the opposite direction. What makes this otherwise normal occurrence unique is that passing cars are somewhat of a rarity out here. But when we do pass (and wave) it most always happens at a more compromising place, a convergent spot- a corner, an intersection, cattle guard, at the narrowing of a bridge or at the railroad tracks. And the rhythm puts itself in place- If I pass someone at the corner I'll more than likely pass someone at the narrowing of the cattle guard, etc. I have even discovered "phase alignments"- where I'm consistently just a few seconds off from these close meetings- and that this multi-second delay remains constant in the course of my journey. I tell myself in a humorous way- "I'm out of phase today."
So that's it, you say? Well, yes. But we have to start somewhere. There are other examples too. What I call the "pulse-wave" at work. All is quiet for awhile- then just as the phone rings, three customers walk in. Each customer has a uniquely complicated problem to be resolved- phone rings again- it's that angry guy you put off last week. A coalescing of energy in the workplace is not always pleasant, but we all recognize how real it can be.
How about merging on the freeway or interstate? Yep, always seems to be someone just in the wrong (and by that I mean right) place. Then let's not forget about the parking lot- two cars converging on the same spot. Where did they come from?
There are numerous more examples, but I hope I've made my point- or at least entered a thought into your sphere of awareness. After all, I believe people share a cohesive force which inexplicably draws us together- like the molecules in a drop of water are drawn together. These energies pull us together- and together we are indeed a force.



Maybe this drawing together is somehow necessary for life as we know it.   Perhaps bridges, railroad tracks, corners and intersections channel some unseen force that attempts to "bond" us together -much like the water droplet. Or maybe the desert heat has finally taken it's toll on my mental faculties and I have bought into some illusion. If the latter is true then I will submit to you the words of a rather famous thinker --"reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."



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