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And One By One They Too Shall Fall


By Julian WashRattleberry Pie |

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 |


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Today I would like to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that can harness the power of prediction and premonition. Premonition rarely arrives on demand. It’s a curious and elusive phenomenon that seems to migrate from out of no-where and into the now-here. Profound and inexplicable, premonition certainly falls within the psychic realms of higher consciousness.

Prediction on the other hand can be expressed mathematically. One might consider rumbling storm clouds as a predictor of rain. Based on available data we might surmise there’s a fifty percent chance of measurable precipitation. And so a prediction is made. It’s a handy tool that considers the dynamic state of change relative to normal conditions. It’s logical, analytical and largely effective. 

In the following paragraphs I will make a series of predictions and throw in a pinch of premonition for good measure. As dire and bleak as conditions may be, they serve as testimony to the unfortunate truth we are facing. There is a sunny side to my dreary forecast. A good heavy rain may be just what we need to wash out some of the gutter trash we’ve been slipping on and tripping over for so long.

One by One the Towers Fell


Most of us remember exactly where we were the moment we heard the news. I won’t rehash in detail what we already know too well. But a simple recap for perspective might be in order. Thirteen years ago a presumed hijacked airliner (Flight 11) flew with near perfect linear precision into the north tower, World Trade Center 1. Hours later another aircraft would meet the same fate, flying into its twin, WTC 2. Shocked, perplexed and confused it was near impossible for us to get a handle on the situation. Soon we would find ourselves outraged and defiant, vowing that this attack would not go unpunished. We were desperate for answers, explanations and hungry for revenge. 

As we watched the towers burn, I remember thinking that soon helicopters would be deployed to airlift the survivors who managed to somehow make it to the top of the buildings. Those helicopters never came. I remember people jumping in favor of being burned alive, an image forever scorched in the deepest recesses of my mind. Like millions of others I was shaken to the core. I simply could not comprehend evil of this scale and magnitude. 

One by one we watched the towers fall. It invoked a feeling of hopelessness and a queasy sense of despair and apprehension. All we could do was passively witness this epic disaster as it unfolded in our living rooms on live television. We felt for the victims and their families. We felt for the firefighters, the police and the civilian heroes that assisted in countless rescues. It was a galvanizing moment in America. We pulled together and united as a nation in a way not seen in decades. 


Tears from Seven


Can a building weep? I never thought so - that is until it happened. She stood alone with no fanfare or hype as the larger buildings carried the show. In the midst of all the mayhem and confusion we were stunned to learn about a new attack, this time on the Pentagon. Then there was the downing of Flight 93. We were literally overwhelmed with shocking details and events that were breaking moment by moment. Overwhelming indeed! But where were the cameras and reporters when World Trade Center Building 7 magically vaporized into a cloud of dust? 

She pleaded to be noticed. I refer to the building as “she” but you can call her what you like. I am quite moved by this extraordinary structure. She wept before us as if almost conscious of the inhumanity that was enveloping her. I sometimes wonder if the essence of all the builders who lovingly made her piece by piece, section by section, somehow remained etched in the very concrete, glass and steel that held her together. All those hands— did they not feel? Did they not love their creation? The gifted, astute architects and engineers that brought her up from a massive foundation to forty-seven gleaming stories of structural perfection most assuredly felt a deeper connection that just the material end. Did their essence remain? 

She spoke while falling - but only to ears that could hear. She wanted to be noticed so her passing would not be in vain. Whatever ruse was in place to take her down had blatantly failed. So they (whoever they are) resorted to emergency Plan B. Initiate demolition without the benefit of an errant plane or some other decoy to offer plausible cover. The media was obviously ordered to not report the inexplicable implosion of WTC-7. Even though I was glued to FOX and CNN as well as numerous local stations throughout the weeks that followed the 9/11 attacks, I would not learn of Building Seven until several years later when an anonymous email was sent to me. I must have watched that short clip at least fifty times before I felt my knees buckle and body collapse at freefall speed into my own footprint.

Later we would discover “tears” from these buildings. They came in the form of so-called spherules of iron-rich and silicate particles that could only be formed by anomalously high temperatures. It’s been suggested that perhaps military grade incendiary devices known as nano-thermite were used as cutting charges and possibly as explosives. There are other theories of course. Dr. Judy Wood has proposed a more exotic possibility. She suggests that perhaps a directed energy weapon was in play. This might help explain why mostly mounds of dust remained after the buildings fell. It is interesting to note that there was a conspicuous lack of seismic activity when these mammoth structures hit the ground. So complete and severe was their mid-flight disintegration, they came down not like gargantuan buildings of concrete and steel, but like heaps of powdered sugar.


Forecast and Predictions


I don’t know exactly what mechanism brought down the World Trade Center buildings. I do know they were not the airliners or the small office fires in Seven. I know without a doubt we’ve been lied to. I also know we are living in a waking world. We are now rapidly outgrowing our leaders and the institutions that have divided us and defined us into something less than what we are. For many, Building Seven was the impetus for looking at all things anew. Like a cold shower, watching Seven inexplicably collapse shocked many people into a new awareness. For the first time many of us would begin to question officialdom. 

Yes, there was a time when we merely accepted what we were told and rarely questioned it. Those days are gone. We now realize the things we are told must be examined, reexamined, reviewed and questioned ad nauseam if that’s what it takes. Though somewhat taxing, such diligence is aiding Humanity in a massive leap forward. I’m encouraged by what I’m sensing. These changes did not happen overnight but they are now accelerating at a rate that rivals exponential growth. I liken this transition to a massive tanker turning out in stormy seas. The rudder moves and eventually the ship will catch up with it. It takes time, but once the course has been set it becomes nearly impossible to stop. Those who had awakened early had to experience the virtues of patience. But now they see the ship turning.

So just as the towers fell, I predict in their wake certain beliefs and institutions will also “fall” in a self-correcting, rebalancing kind of way. That’s how nature works. Anything out of balance will eventually be corrected. This includes acts of moral depravity and debauchery. Those who have pulled the reins in on Humanity are finding now that the world is changing around them.

As their credibility progressively wanes, I’ve got some messages I would like to forward. In a sense they are predictions. Once again these predictions are based on logic and probability, but there’s also an ethereal component to them as well. You see, we all have an innate ability to invoke and visualize change. I’ve taken back this part of who I am. It is a higher state of consciousness that big Gov has tried to diminish in us through conditioning, chemical attacks, morality assaults and… well the list goes on. And so I have a few thoughts and predictions that WTC Building Seven personally delivered to me just for the powers that be. Yes, that’s right, she said quite a lot in those short, six seconds it took for her to fall:

Complicit lawmakers and politicians - we have an idea you might be in on this.  We suspect you may be linked with these attacks in one way or another.  You made big bucks and some were handed privileged positions for the prize.  Before the toxic dust cloud could settle, you fast-tracked in your NDAA and Patriot Act along with a bucket of other assaults on our freedoms.  You said these laws would make us safer and yet we feel no safer.  In fact we feel much less safe.  Freedom!  Isn’t that what we Americans are supposed to be about?  If that’s the case, then it seems the “terrorists” clearly beat us.  But I predict we’re nearing a tipping point.  We’re going to reel in some nasty people that worked behind the scenes so they can have their day in court.  I think they’re going to talk.  The others will be found out and I predict they too shall fall - right into a nice, little prison cell.


Complicit mainstream media - we trusted you.  We thought you were bringing us the news but you weren’t.  You were feeding us bull.  But now you’re already falling and falling fast.  I’m must say I find a twinge of sadistic glee in your dramatic and pathetic collapse.  The ads I see on the websites for FOX and CNN are indicative of your state.  Some of them are so trashy they would never find a place at my humble page at any price.  Must be a bit desperate, eh?   No hard feelings.  You’re still a great place to go for useless things like sport reports and celebrity gossip.  But you’re a rolling shit-can when it comes to everything else.  We found you out and now your days are numbered.  Maybe big Gov will buy you out and keep you running. Oh, wait a minute— maybe they already have.

Complicit businesspeople - hiding behind your anointed corporations.   Peek-a-boo, we see you.  That’s right.  There were many private business people that profited mightily through our tragic losses.   They will be ferreted out and held accountable for any dastardly, dirty deeds they may have committed.  It’s just a matter of time.  You won’t get away with jack!  I predict your tower of sleaze shall someday fall.  

Complicit institutions - we know about you too. Some multinationals, arms dealers, banking, perhaps even some religious organizations could have a thumb in all this. The eye-opening destruction of Building Seven also served to open our “third eye.” Didn’t expect that, did you? What the powers (that think they are) forgot to realize is that the third eye “opens” in times of severe trauma. This is one of natures more mysterious and intensely powerful, self defense mechanisms. 

As such, we’re becoming increasingly aware of how devious and diabolical business culture can be. For example, we’ve learned about your freemasonry cults and how the legal system and big corporations are steeped in it. Even the little guy can get in on all the fun if they’re willing to sell their soul. Now we know why Frank down the street got a successful plumbing company going practically over night. Yep - stuck a big ole pyramid on the back of his van then presto - he’s got a whole fleet by the end of the year. We’re learning about your language and your hijacked symbols. You’re not nearly as clever as you think you are. So you get the bank loans and the winning bid every time, don’t you? How’s bout’ that! Know how to get out of traffic tickets too. Of course you do. But I’m here to tell you that people who comply with these brotherhood orders or Ivy League fraternities in pursuit of selfish gains are very small people indeed. I predict your twin towers of Boaz and Jachin will tumble down someday. - Such a shame.

And for the clergy that hides behind their gilded alter - what have you become? You see, you’ve never challenged the government’s position on war and more war. The tenets of your faith do not allow for unwarranted killing and yet you chose to turn a deaf ear to it all. Oh sure, there are some technicalities you employ to rationalize away your guilt. Not fooling me though. Perhaps you’ve even encouraged the war effort in some way or another. You know, “support our troops” and that sort of thing. 

That always looks good on the surface, but there are a lot of us who are no longer seeing things just on the surface. Did you ever discuss that these wars may have been predicated on erroneous information? Our soldiers have been coming back in bits and pieces, their hearts and minds torn apart. Give them more psych meds and praise the lord, you say. Perhaps you led your flock to a place of illusion and detachment? But hey, you don’t have to pay a nickels worth of taxes so long as you toe that hypothetical line big Gov has drawn for you. Not a bad deal. But word up to the wise. If and when Jesus returns, you’ll have a bit of explaining to do. He’ll see right through your flowering bull crap and deceptive song and dance – either way, I predict your tainted stained glass towers shall one day fall. 


Final Thought


I don’t claim to fully understand the events of 9/11. I don’t consider myself an expert on the subject nor do I speak of it much. What I do know is that we’ve been lied to in a colossal way. I no longer trust what I hear or see on the news or what comes from the mouths of politicians. So now I pretty much dismiss it all as I sit under a little tree and reflect on the world as it is. It is during these times where I’m sometimes graced by a fleeting ray of clarity. So wonderful such moments are.

Years ago I had the premonition a time would come when millions would begin to see and reexamine their world under the scrutiny of an awakening. Many have taken others by the hand and have helped them see through the murky waters of deception we’ve all been swimming in. There are some who even paid the ultimate price for squeaking open that dark, cold, dungeon door so that a little light could get in. For those, to be sure, I remain eternally grateful. Still others have quietly watched from afar in a knowing sort of way and that energy does not escape us either. And so through this lens of prediction I see continued movement toward the light and the path of higher consciousness.

The collapse of Building 7 was not a mistake. But there were mistakes surrounding the event. The perpetrators failed to produce a viable excuse to justify the collapse. And we failed to notice it sooner and recognize it for what it was. While in our fog of confusion, the PTB had time to fast-track their Stasi-like, draconian laws and bring us to war. But look again and tell me what you see? I see people waking and that’s a beautiful sight. 


-Until next time


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