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Building 7 and The Mass Awakening


By Julian Wash
Rattleberry Pie

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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Dear Humans,


Today I wish to return to your awareness an ability for the mind to “protect” itself from trauma.   We are now upon the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy and I am reminded of this powerful capability and how it serves as a type of “circuit breaker” when confronted by painful situations.  Perhaps the best examples of those most familiar with this ability are the combat veterans, police officers, paramedics and first responders.   They are able to work diligently in the midst of calamity only to deal with the “emotional” component of the experience much later on.   Sometimes, however, the circuit breaker can remain open and the mind can be left in a sort of limbo.


The precise mechanism of this safety “circuit breaker” remains a matter of conjecture and debate.   The consensus of opinion, however, points toward the mind’s ability to break down a painful incident into much smaller, workable bits and pieces.   Eventually the brain seems to usher in new pathways, promoting measured degrees of “closure” and ultimately leads to healing and growth from the experience.


In the following paragraphs I would like to expand a bit more on the impact of trauma-based events and particularly key in on the “new pathways” the mind creates as a response to trauma.  I would also like to further the idea of how at least one event on September 11, 2001 may be responsible for shifting the consciousness of more people than any other crisis in the modern recorded history of Humankind.


The Collapse of WTC Building 7


It was a modern structure completed in 1984 and soared 47 stories high.  It was built to grueling standards and specifications, strict construction codes and guidelines of that time.  It was a steel frame building structured around 81 independent vertical metal columns. This building had not been struck by aircraft though was built tough enough to withstand such an impact.  What makes this building particularly interesting is not just how solidly it was built up -but rather just how fast it fell down on September 11.


There are a number of disturbing facts that coincide with this occurrence.  First, consider it was a building that the BBC had previously reported collapsing well before it had done so.   Later, the story of its collapse would become grossly under-reported by all the major reporting agencies.   Even by as late as 2006, fewer than 43% of all Americans even knew about WTC 7, this according to a Zogby poll taken at that time.   Indeed, there were actually “three” skyscrapers that collapsed on that fateful day.   -The Twin Towers and WTC 7.


The Collapse of a Paradigm


Many who bore witness to this magnificent structure collapsing in a uniform, symmetrical manner at near free-fall speed into its own footprint would later describe a similar feeling within, a rather queasy feeling to say the least.   As they slowly grasped the totality of the event they were left with sobering questions.   By facing the situation with bravery, clarity and objectivity some were willing to move forward outside their comfort zone.  They were willing to take that proverbial “red pill” in the name of Humanity and truth at the risk of compromising their relations with coworkers, friends and family.   New “pathways” were forming and by the midnight hour, there would be some relief, refuge and solace to be found.  There would be new and powerful bonds felt with “like minded” people.  These would be the people some would call “awake.”


Like the “circuit breaker” mentioned earlier, not all minds will open.  Some remain hesitant to accept or acknowledge anything outside what their favorite newsman tells them.  There are likely many reasons for this.  It’s understandable to say they simply “don’t want to go there” —they don’t want to abandon their paradigm or leave their comfort zone.  It has been suggested to let this be so.  You cannot force someone awake.  You can show them the information and let them chew on it for a while.  But some will ultimately choose to stay asleep and we should not judge them for this decision.  This is not a path for all to take.


Stages of Death


As we are confronted with an uncomfortable truth we go though many stages in our attempt to deal with it.   The first stage is “denial.”  We don’t want to accept this matter as truth so we dismiss it and go on with our lives.  The next stage is “anger.”  We finally understand enough to know that we should be angry -but angry at whom?  Other stages include “bargaining” and “depression” and then finally “acceptance.”  But cheer up.  I’m not describing physical death -I’m describing the death of an old paradigm.  This can also be seen as a metamorphosis. 


Final Thought


As we happen upon this sober memory of the Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the brave men and woman who assisted others in their moment of need, to the strangers that helped strangers, to the victims of this senseless attack and to all that shared in the pain of this horrific tragedy.


As for me, I don’t believe Building 7 was supposed to collapse in the manner that it did.  Perhaps another plane was in route to create an equally spectacular impact like what we saw with the Twin Towers.  But this time something went wrong.  So the building gave the very awkward appearance of essentially collapsing on its own.  The shocking and irrational aspect of this fact has inadvertently raised the doubts and suspicions of literally millions of people.   Building 7 fell in such an ominous and conspicuous manner it was almost “asking” (if not begging) to be noticed. 


As time goes by, more and more are beginning to ask questions and seek higher authority.   Many have done exhausting research on 9/11 looking for answers.  Many others have turned to meditation, spirituality and religious studies in search of greater truths and higher ground. 


As my closing thought I’d like to pay homage to an unlikely symbol –one fashioned from glass, concrete and steel.  It’s the hulking and towering symbol of a building we called “7” –a building that should not have fallen –but did.  This symbol serves not only as a reminder of moral depravity but as an instrument for “awakening” mass consciousness.  Today I recognize the symbol for what it can offer  –New pathways. 

-Until next time


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