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Phantom Limb and Transcending Consciousness


By Julian Wash
Rattleberry Pie

Monday, August 26, 2013

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Dear Humans,  

Today I wish to return to your awareness a most interesting phenomenon that cannot be adequately described by conventional measures. As such I’ll proceed directly on topic with my usual certitude and, with your permission, kindly ask "conventionality" to either take a seat or leave the room.

Phantom Limb Syndrome

The clinical etiology of this phenomenon leaves much to be desired as it seems to dismiss the bigger picture. "Phantom limb syndrome" is generically described as a condition where sensory perception of an amputated limb remains intact long after the limb has been removed from the body. Scientists and researchers generally agree that the phantom sensation (which can be painful) results from damaged nerve endings where the limb was severed -and the resulting "pathway confusion" of nerve fiber leading back to the brain creates these false or "phantom" sensory perceptions.

This curious condition often includes the sense that the limb is still functional, movable, as if proficiently attached and able. Even minor everyday annoyances such as sensations of "itching" or "twitching" can accompany the experience along with the bewildering feeling of being able to "pick something up" with the non-existent appendage. The limb may be gone but it’s as if the brain is saying- "not so fast!"

I Sing the Body Electric


Modern medicine summarizes "Phantom limb" as an "anomaly" that should in time subside and completely diminish. Though the mind (on its own terms) will eventually accept the missing limb it’s my view that we should appreciated rather than shun the incredible tenacity of the Human spirit to "manifest" an arm, leg, hand, foot -even an eye where there isn’t one. So in the case of a "missing arm," it’s obvious that a"phantom arm" won't be able to pick up stuff …that is unless of course our perception of reality is all backward. Maybe the act of "picking stuff up" is the illusion. There are parents with teenagers who will attest to this. (An apology for my reckless attempt at humor.)


If you subscribe as I do that the body is enveloped within a toroidal electromagnetic field, a pulsing, resonating, energetic "aura" then perhaps it’s fairly easy to see why the mind-consciousness is still wholly attached to the missing appendage. There’s a balance of energy within the body- when the balance is upset the energetic flow must "recalibrate" or rebalanced to compensate for the change. This takes time. Since Universe prefers balance, harmony and symmetry, a new "center of gravity" will be found. Such changes may be hastened by adding, for instance, an artificial limb. Body energetics can "adopt" this new structure as its own –or not. Just as one may receive a donor "kidney" the body’s "internal systems" must accept it. Same is true with the external field that surrounds you. It can be a little picky at times.


Curiously, this "field" is not limited in size, scale or scope. Though it generally surrounds the body within a three foot (or so) radius, it can robustly expand outwardly to limits unknown. Here the so-called "quantum realm" offers some explanation. If we believe we are "limited" –then we are. If we believe we are "boundless" –then we are. So that leads me to my next point. Cars!


Planes, Trains and Automobiles 


Why do some cars "fit" you better than others? Sometimes the "right" car really doesn’t fit you at all- at least in the physical sense. But when one takes the seat in an automobile that they "resonate" with they are beginning the process of accepting the energetics of that vehicle. Soon your consciousness with expand around the vehicle and envelope it. You will smile as you turn the key- intently aware and connected to this otherwise inert mass of preformed metal, plastic panels and wires.


Before too long you may have even given it a name. "She" may not be the fastest or most reliable car in the neighborhood –but an outsider will do well not to talk badly about her. She has been "personified," "anthropomorphized" and absorbed into your consciousness. When you start the engine you pick up on the most subtle nuances of how she "feels" and half the time no one else can sense what you are sensing. Perhaps the most interesting and most revealing aspect to this "innate connection" between body and machine is when you hit a pothole. Correct me I’m wrong but... do you say, "Ouch?"


A pilot of an aircraft or a train engineer shares this same awareness. They "tune in" to their respective machines, expand their awareness and envelope those systems under their command with an energetically synchronized "aural field" of consciousness. This connection goes well beyond the mere technical understanding of the mechanics involved. The character "Scotty" of the early Star Trek series fictionalized this "intuitive knowing" of the "Enterprise" on many occasions.


There is another interesting aspect to this. Not only does the energy of the driver go into the vehicle- but the reverse is true. Should anyone else purchase (your) car they may sense the "residual" presence of your vibration. That’s why psychic investigators often want to "touch" an object owned by a victim of a crime. Psychics know that "objects talk." There is often considerable energy lingering in otherwise mundane objects just as there are in the so-called "graveyards" of automobile and planes. I’m sure more than one of you has sensed it.


Glasses, Rings, and Other Things 


How many people do you know that really don’t look right without their glasses on? These same people have likely embodied their glasses within their energetic field. If they don’t look right to you- then they likely don’t feel right without them on either. Even if they qualify for corrective surgery, you will find a high reluctance to effect permanent change to those that have "adopted" their glasses as part of their identity. Same is true with any number of items that would be considered close and personal.


The "transcending consciousness" is not limited to physical items either. It can, for instance, expand into a place of business. Should the proprietor of a store be "closely and happily connected" with their place of business you will likely feel the "harmonically tuned resonance" within the walls of the building. The opposite is also true. Should an owner feel "dissonance" and discord within their place of business, you will likely sense that too. This can be a very real and palpable energetic transfer experience.


The Soft Side to Cyborg and Piloting ET Craft


As I near the conclusion of this article I wish for you to consider a "softer" aspect to the so-called "cyborg." Though the concept makes for a rather spooky villain, an exploit not loss to the movie industry, we are already cyborgs to an extent. As we embodied physical matter into our conscious awareness we are essentially extending an aspect of ourselves into something inorganic. Though cyborg technology can have chilling implications, there are aspects that are benign and beneficial to the Human cause. Some, for instance, would consider a "pacemaker" as a type of cyborg technology. You be the judge.


Furthermore, credible investigators who have thoroughly analyzed details of the alleged "Roswell crash and recovery incident" discovered many perplexing things. Among them was the apparent lack of controls, levers, wires or electronics within the "pilot stations" of the craft. After exhausting all other probabilities, is was finally decided that the craft must surely have been controlled by some form of "telepathy," or if you will, a type of transcendental consciousness. This is very close to what I’m describing to you today.


Final Thought


You have the ability to transcend your consciousness into objects, cars, buildings, homes and yes, spaceships. You are unlimited in this capacity. The energetic body wants to "resonate" with those things around you. Should something resonate in kind -then you'll likely be "harmonically" compatible with the experience. It may be a car, a home or …please fill in your own suggestion. Likewise you will not always resonate with certain things, even when many others do. My suggestion is to simply accept this with graciousness and move on. Be grateful of your power to recognize the presence of a compatible resonance, or for that matter, non-compatible energy.


No matter how impressive that home may be, or how sleek that car may be, or how handsome or beautiful that person may be –if you don’t resonate with the experience for any reason then you need not make an apology. Universe wants you to experience the notes that resonate with the melody of your life -and so let it be your song.


 -Until Next Time.


email: jwash@rattlereport.com


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