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Gnostic Palms and the Eye of the Handshake


By Julian WashRattleberry Pie |

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 |


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Dear Humans,


Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that you hold literally in the palm of your hand.   It boasts neither a whimsical shape- nor beckons attention as an oddity of design.  Even to the most discerning eye it’s without specific form or detail.  But hush not in its wake- for it’s as powerful as it is enigmatic.   And it’s no bigger than the size of a dime -so it fits rather nicely in the palm.  Indeed it does.   For it is the seat of the palm I speak of. 


Some might think of this area as a sort of “lens” imbedded in the palm that can focus unseen energies within and around.  Others will see it as an “opening” or a rotating vortex where the language of light is both spoken and heard.  Still others will feel this spot as a tiny transducer rectifying erratic vibrations into coherent expressions of knowing.  Others will just see skin.


The area commands a space very near the center of the palm.  In more contemporary terms, it can be referred to as a chakra or gateway that permits the ebb and flow of Ki.  This flow can embody inert physical matter and even zip into the mind of another instantly and effortlessly.  For many this “sight” has not been fully realized and operates with myopic acuity at best.  But for those who know- it’s a powerful and useful utility.   As an idle energy, it resides in the subconscious.  One must blossom this elemental into an active state of awareness.  This is the first (and most important) step in activating the palm chakra. 


The following will describe a way to get to this first stage of activation.  From there you will see a number of examples of how that tiny spot within your palms play an extraordinary role in everyday life.


If your palm is not already beginning to tingle, I suspect it will be soon.   

The Activated Palm


An activated palm tingles in a way- but can also feel warm, springy and generally energetic.   If you take a moment and look at your palm you’ll begin to feel this center point.  You may experience a sensation in the solar plexus as you go about activating your palms.  The two seem linked somehow.  Keep looking at your palm until you can feel a warm, tingly vibration at the center.  Now command this chakra to open- you may choose to visualize it as a reddish circle but most any color will work.  Keep visualizing the circle as it grows to the size of a dime or until you feel it pulsing within your palm.  Be patient- it may take a few tries. 


Some seem to benefit by briskly rubbing their hands together for a moment to heighten sensitivity.   Rub the hands then hold them slightly apart and try to sense an interplaying vibration.  As it starts to activate it’s really an interesting feeling.  You’ll get the sense you can hold an object and energize it somehow.  Well you can.  This is the sort of energy a “psychic detective” can sense in a forensic investigation.   After you open this chakra you may choose to close it using the same technique in reverse.  After a little practice- you’ll be able to open your palm chakras instantly and on demand.


This will not be the first time you’ve activated your palms.  Not a chance.  You’ve been doing it your whole life.  But for some it may be the first time of being consciously aware of it.  To those that were successful in activating their palm chakras - I applaud you.  --And speaking of “applaud,” as I move my hands together in a rhythmic pattern I am actually modulating my two palm chakras in accordance to the happy feeling I have.  The faster I applaud- the higher the frequency.  


Why does applause exist at all? There’s nothing logical about slapping ones hands together to make sound.  It seems quite primitive really.  I can assure you it has much to do with modulating the palm chakra.  A slow and steady clap is a very different vibration than an excited and erratic clap.  Different energies belie different intent and meaning from clapper to the “clapee.”   Any stage performer will tell you there is no song more beautiful than the sound of robust applause.


Even if this activation was not successful I still applaud you because… well because you’re beautiful.


A Song of (Psalms) Palms


Holding hands with the one you love communicates a vibration through the palms.  These are lyrical and poetic expressions of coherent energies that are particularly strong during the courting period.   Holding hands will communicate degrees of happiness and even relay the most subtle notes of nervousness and uncertainty.


You hold in your palm an ability to interface with a myriad of frequencies that range from the coherent exchange of energy from one partner to another to “hearing” messages in the ether.  Those who meditate with their palms facing up receive a very different energy than those who face their palms downward.  For those that haven’t tried meditation with upward palms, I think you’re in for a big and pleasant surprise.  Activate your palms prior to meditation and allow this energy from above to be brought in.  You may have your own unique way of modulating this etheric light.  There are many (mudras) or ways of varying these energies.  There are no ardent rules in this domain.

There are many esoteric examples of how palm energy plays a role in everyday life.  One example would be the “laying of hands” on the injured.  Such an act can promote healing and healthy wellbeing as any practitioner of Reiki will attest to.  Also, hands held in a prayer circle promote a heightened sense of connection and can manifest a positive change in a very short amount of time. 

You will notice that a palm is placed on the Bible when one swears an oath to office or takes the witness stand in a court of law.   Would such a ritual matter if the palm did not possess vital energy?   It is curious that the hand is placed “down” on the Bible rather than under it.  As an observer of energy this strikes me as backward.  Don’t get me wrong, there are wonderful dense energies from Earth, but there’s also some trouble lurking down there.   As a curious remedy somebody else is usually holding the Bible as the oath taker places their hand upon it- so the energy takes a rather interesting course.  You will also notice that the right hand is held up- leveled with the speaker.  This is how the energy is being transferred.  Be very wary, however, of any “swearing in” ceremony on a Bible sitting dormant on a desk. 

Many who engage in prayer clasp their palms together.  This creates an internal loop and commissions energy from within.  Those who “praise the lord” hold their palms upward toward the sky- again a very different vibrational experience, though both are examples of prayer.

A palm over the heart during the “pledge of allegiance” promotes an exceptionally strong energetic transfer.  It’s a profoundly powerful gesture that one should understand before engaging.  This is why I’m not an advocate of children participating in any “hand-held-over-heart” ceremonies or allegiances brought on by peer pressure, academia, sport arenas or any other venue that serves to bolster the concept of patriotism. 

The procedural “pledge of allegiance” is a very potent, powerful, ritualistic form of magic that should solicit “adult only” participation.   There are those I see who are clearly under the spell of this ritual, as they were conditioned early on- as were the generations before them.  To be clear, “love of country” and runaway patriotism are two distinctly different vibrations and the heart of a child should not be forced to navigate between such conflicting energies.   No disrespect intended here.   Those who read my essays know that I hold children in the highest regard and it is my foremost desire to protect them energetically.  I sense those that see themselves as “Americans” will understand this sentiment.  Those who lovingly embrace the title of “U.S. CITIZEN” may not.   If one understands the difference then this will not be an issue—otherwise I apologize for falling off topic.

The transmission of palm energy can be felt through an instrument played by a musician or in the way a conductor or magician waves a (magic) wand.   For a writer, the instrument may be a pen.  Even food held by the palm is in some way influenced.  Secrets of the palm (and just about all other high level understandings of consciousness) have been coveted by religious orders, brotherhood societies and those who think they know what’s best for you.  Nowhere in the course of a watered-down, standard, sterile, bleached-dipped “education” are you told about your higher abilities. 


Palms Up, Palms Down


One is commissioning different energies depending on how they gesture their palm.  During meditation, a palms-up orientation will allow a very powerful connection with (Source).   Such a position commissions the ethereal realm, the rarified domains of higher consciousness.  The energy of this position can be redirected in the form of a “wave” (or waveform) when greeting another.  When waving to another the palm is usually facing toward them and sends a friendly greeting.

A British style of salute is also known to poise the palm slightly forward presenting a more affable posturing.  Most salutes, however, position the palm downward.  The most infamous would be the German Nazi salute.  Adolf Hitler was an ardent student of the occult and engaged in dark sorcery and knew exactly what he was doing by promoting this manner of salute.  The palm is accessing lower energies from much lower realms.  The American style salute is less obvious, slightly skewed (and so less toxic) but also commissions energy from lower realms.

Even though the handshake is commonplace within the armed forces, the handshake is only between persons of the same seniority in the same rank.  A junior cannot shake hands with a senior – instead he must salute him (or her).   Royalty will not shake hands with “commoners” and sometimes not even with heads of state.  It is considered an insult or disrespectful for a so-called commoner to even attempt a handshake with a “royal.”  What are they trying the hide?  I might hazard a guess but that would be for a future narrative.

The blunt palm forward also signifies an emphatic order to “stop!”  This is an example of palm intention- where you can literally feel the message.  The “stop” gesture is a powerful signal often associated in safety-related matters.  It does not harness energy from above or below- but rather exchanges from one to another. 

Eye of the Handshake


Nicola Tesla was not a fan of the handshake.  He also possessed knowledge and a gift for vision of invisible forces within and around him.   Conjecture on my part, but I sense he was very aware of the “eye of the handshake” and chose to maintain a modicum of privacy.  I’ll attempt to explain.

We’ve been “taught” that the (ritual) of the handshake has ancient military origins and was used as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that neither warrior held a weapon.  This is completely ridiculous.   Somehow, someway this erroneous concept has been promoted and accepted by most people.  Apparently it is not necessary for you to know that you can access the thoughts and feelings of another through the modality of the handshake.  Upon shaking the hand of a fellow Human one can visit the mind of another- for they are permitting access via the gesture.  Otherwise such a clairvoyant entry might be considered a form of psychic trespass which Universe does not encourage.

A sensitive (with open palm chakras) can accurately attune to the intent of another through the energy transferred in a handshake.  Some are able to sense a good deal more- such as specific details of the others childhood, personal problems, their fears and so much more.

Never underestimate the “eye” of the handshake.  The “handshake contract” is still considered by many to be the most valid form of a contract.   If one’s intention is pure then the handshake will validate it.

Final Thought


There is so much more on this topic that it can easily fill a book or two.  Suffice to say that you have a beautiful gift right in the palm of your hands.   You can energize objects, connect with the ethereal, embody Earth densities and even (talk) to the Sun or moon all by way of this vital vibration. 

The chakras of the Human body are there for a reason.  You are a being of consciousness, an entity of light.  There are no limits on what you can do or where you can go.  You are a vehicle that can move faster than light and can manifest an entire reality out of clays of vibration. 

Did a nail in the palm create this opening?  I’m not certain.  What I do sense is that these powers are real and are here to serve you.  There have been countless atrocities inflicted upon the Human race.  This must end.  Divine instruments of great power were created to change this course and are now available and (awakening) within those with ears to hear and eyes to see.   Dear soldiers of light, I applaud you.
-Until next time


email: jwash@rattlereport.com

Article originally published at: http://www.rattlereport.com/rattleberry/2014/2014-02-18
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