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Mind State and the Fallacy of Evolution


By Julian Wash |
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014 |

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Dear Humans,


Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that has been mislabeled, misinterpreted and mischaracterized by the academic community and by those who advocate a more simplistic and linear precept of Human development.

The aspect I speak of has been labeled “evolution.”  Let me offer you some assurance that the paragraphs to follow will not denigrate into lessons in genetics, anthropologic debates or religious deliberations.   My intent is to simply readdress the concept of evolution from a whole new starting point.  So, for the purpose of discussion, let’s take the position that evolution in the manner it has been repeatedly explained to you simply does not exist- not then, not now, not ever.

Doesn’t that already feel a bit better?

Evolution is a Fallacy

Humans are excellent at seeing patterns, plotting courses and engaging in logical, linear and predictive analysis.  This is not hard for the Human –in fact, it’s a bit too easy for them;  and therein lies what I see to be part of the problem.  People are too often willing to take linear routes when attempting to explain the more abstract mysteries of the Universe- like where they’re from –or where they’re headed.  When motivated with a particular intent and agenda, the tendency is to simply gloss over huge anomalies and invent terms such as “missing link” or “data gap” to temporarily patch inconsistencies.  It’s much easier to insert “bridge” or “fill” data when investigations hit a wall.  

Ultimately, the idea is to go back at a later date with the missing puzzle pieces then try hammering them into place.  When it comes to the theory of evolution, those puzzle pieces still don’t fit and yet many continue to turn a blind eye to that fact.  We’ve all been witness (and some even victim) to these logic snafus and derelict short cuts in the reasoning process.   Energy takes the course of least resistance- and “thought energy” is no exception.   So let’s ramp up the thought process just a touch and see where it takes us.

What’s Evolution?

Consider for a moment you have never heard the term “evolution.”  If left to your own devices would you have entertain the same curious notions and ideas that have been promoted through modern science and academia?  Would you have derived a similar conclusion on your own, without the bias of this external influence?

I present the questions knowing that some will fall into the old familiar slot- the prescribed path that has already been cut and grooved by the institutions of so-called higher learning.  For those that feel the theory of evolution is sound and reasonable I asked that you challenge yourself to come up with an alternative theory –just for fun.  To make it interesting, remove Devine creation from the equation as well.    Consider this an experiment- contemplate some other possibility just for the purpose of doing so.  In the meantime, I’d like to posit another question.

Where Did the Fur Go?

Isn’t curious that Humans supposedly had fur at one time?  It has been postulated that early predecessors of the modern Human bore striking resemblance to the modern Chimpanzee.  Learning institutions tell us that over time Humans evolved to where they no longer required fur,  that they were able to stay warm by building shelters, donning animal skins and building fires.  Fur also presented an “overheating” problem to the modern Humans- or so they say.  It is believed by academia that remaining hair on the arms, legs and beard are simply vestiges, courtesy of our former furry relatives.   

Proponents of evolution perpetuate the idea that somehow genetics “trialed and erred” through the years until finally getting it right.  Traits that rewarded the species invariably stuck around- less desirable traits diminished.  It’s been suggested that Human evolution is an ongoing process and that the modern Human should expect to continually advance (forward) until… well until the species changes into another species –according to such logic. 

It’s my contention (and knowing) that Humans have always been furless.  That’s not to say some aren’t pretty hairy though.  I would also like to add that the absence of fur is not an indication of species advancement by any measure.   I’m sure Sasquatch would agree.

So the question remains, did Humans evolve into this current form?  To that I answer –yes, but not in the way you’ve been told over and over again.  Evolution is not the physical phenomenon so aggressively promoted.  Instead it is the very profound mental/spiritual, biochemical transformation that all Humans can tap into within a single lifetime.  This is the “evolution” I speak of.  This is mind state, a place where unlimited evolution is available and ready at your command.

Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny

A favorite argument from the scientific community when defending their evolution postulate focuses on the number of changes a developing Human embryo exhibits during gestation.  There would appear to be evidence of “gills” a “tail” and a number of other anatomically non-congruent emergences observed during these early stages.   The suggestion is that Humans have a rather sordid past of having been part of various other creatures who exhibit similar distinguishing structures.   They go on to suggest that these stages are hurriedly repeated during development, and hence we see a rapid repeat and replay of this trail of genetic partnership.   But this boils down to heaps of conjecture and opinion.   Their modus operandi is to present an idea as fact- then gauge the response.   If people choose to validate an idea then it mysteriously becomes fact.  Evolution is just a presumption of truth until proven otherwise.

Take on the Tail

Regarding the changes during the embryonic stages, the gills and tail, etc., I sense that there is something much deeper and much more profound that can help explain this process.  It’s my position that Humans chose Earth as their home and as part of their acceptance, have embodied the essence of all creatures that inhabit the planet.   It is interesting to note how Humans are the one species that can love, and be loved by most any living presence on Earth.    Please consider the significance of that.

If I haven’t lost you- then by all means continue.

The Fully Evolved Human

Fully evolved physically?  Yes!  Fully actualized?  Well, most are not.  And if one believes the Human race is on course toward bigger heads and smaller bodies—well then they may be disappointed.  The physical “brain” is already fully developed.  The Human “mind” is a different story.  A healthy and free mind is in a state of perpetual evolution.  This is a very real evolution, an evolution of thought and consciousness.  Here the Human is boundless in what they can accomplish and where they can go.  Infinite growth is possible.

The Human brain is very large- by some accounts too large and too intelligent already.  There are many rooms in this mansion called mind and mind consciousness- though people open but a mere fraction of them.  They’ve been instructed to keep a good many shut.  Warning signs posted not by people, but by archetypes of authority, have locked nearly all doors, labeling them “off limits,” “do not enter,”  “taboo” or “danger.”  We’re instructed on which few doors to open. 

The underlying problem should be obvious.  The accessible doors are the ones that read “do it this way” and “think like we do” and lead to a collective, cognitive mire of illusion, myth and control.  And for the well-meaning soul who confidently swaggers and suggests that we should think outside the box, as if that’s some profound concept - to them I ask, why a box at all?  My point here is that sometimes we think we’re opening doors- when we’re not.  Very rarely does the statement “think outside the box” yield anything of merit.  Such a statement does not commission exotic thinking but instead gives an illusion of doing so, and therefore it’s a hindrance.  But these illusions seem to pacify the masses. 

Human intelligence almost seems in excess of what is really necessary for the success of the species or any other entity for that matter.  Society, for reasons that go beyond this article, hobble this massive intellect by programming it with instructions of self-defeat.  The mind is instructed on how to build a cage and then willingly imprisons itself.  Though somewhat laughable, this is not a low level ability- rather an example of exceptionally high ability.  It is also clearly very damaging to the species.   The mind is programmed on a daily basis on all the things it can’t do, shouldn’t do and is occasionally reminded in a rather humble way- it’s just a notch above a monkey brain.

Big Brain

If the heavily convoluted Human brain were to expand to the point where it was smooth on the surface - heads would be three times bigger.  Not practical- so Humans have very compact, folded wrinkled brains instead.  The iconic representation of an “ET” having a larger brain than the Human is not telling the whole story.  The heads of other-worldly beings may indeed be proportionally larger but their brain surface may prove relatively smooth.  You should not be surprised to discover someday that Humans have an I.Q. potential equivalent or greater than many ET visitors.   They may have the advantage of experience and time which serves only to support an illusion of higher intelligence. 

If Humans were suddenly handed an instruction manual on how to command an extraterrestrial, faster-than-light spacecraft with no restriction placed on information, they would have it mastered in short time.   Intelligence is not an issue for Humans.  Wisdom and enlightenment are their main challenges.  This challenge cannot be met by millions of years of so-called evolution, but by “self” and by focusing the proper intent to expand consciousness and awareness.  The ET craft would be fun –but you just may be surprised by what it really takes to pilot one. 

The Ant, Hitler and the Myth of Superiority

The notion of “superiority” of one species over another is yet another myth.  We’ve could have used any creature for this example but I chose the ant because people sometimes associate this magnificent creature as small and insignificant.  Here’s a living entity that some would say “evolution” seemed to skip over.  So how does the ant fit in this puzzle?

I’m suggesting that the concept of “higher order” is not only deeply flawed but a dangerous assertion.  There are no higher or lower species relative to another.  The ant, like all entities are simply unique and different and operate in their own vibrational strata -its representation and expression are what makes it perfect for what it is.   They are sentient, operate independently and collectively and there is no other creature capable of doing the ant’s job better than the ant. 

My advice is to be aware of the artificial constructs, the linear mindset that keeps us thinking in terms of higher and lower order.  And it doesn’t just stop with Humans versus animals or insects or whatever.    This kind of malignant construct has a way of migrating into other areas.

The “higher/lower” mindset is profoundly evident among the Human species and manifests in the form of bigotry, racism and a whole slew of other nasties.  If people could truly grasp that the concept of “supremacy” as a flawed premise, then social controllers like Hitler would have never gained power.  What gave Hitler much of his influence was the tainted collective belief of the masses who bought into the idea that some Humans were superior to others.  

Final Thoughts

My dear Humans, from my vantage point I see that you are a spark of Divine creation that came into existence by your own will and volition.  Because of the limits you have imposed on yourself, the self-imposed prison, the amnesia, the relatively short lifespan and the many powerful and often conflicting emotions, it is sometimes difficult for you to find focus, grasp your purpose and achieve your goals.  

Your spirit is embodied within the Human form.  It was your choice to adopt and live at this level and density- to enter the world in this “challenging” state and to govern your way through this dense maze of third dimensional confusion guided by an internal compass.   As a cautionary reminder, we often mistakenly subordinate this compass to the will and pressure of external authority and influences.

You were born into existence by your own thought and you will ultimately abandon the physical form under the same authority.  The physical form you have assumed is not arbitrary; instead it fits like a glove over your energetic self.  This further validates why, despite any personal problems, you do not wish to be someone else.   

Aspects of the energetic self are sometimes faintly visible through this solid form and can be seen by some as an aura or simply the sparkle in someone’s eyes.  The image others see of you and the reflection you see in a mirror are merely the dense and visible vibration of your spiritual expression –a cooled down condensate of your energetic presence.    In a most rudimentary way, you are seeing your spiritual form with skin stretched over it.  When the body looks tired- so is the spirit.  When the body looks ill- so is the spirit.  When the body beams with excitement and smiles—then, well I think you get the picture.  By living in this vibration you have the unique opportunity to see sprit in physical form. 

Humans have long been considered “evolved primates” and categorized as a product of “hit and miss” genetic mutation.   This oddly curious notion of evolution, coupled with its kooky sidekick cousin, “survival of the fittest” are manufactured concepts.  Nature does not, (and will not) operate this way.  All species are fully realized as they are, in perfect harmony with all that is.  And nature is not about survival of the fittest- but wholly cooperative in structure. 

You are evolving- not in the physical sense, but in mind and spirit and you can speed it up or slow it down at will.  Just consider how powerful you are -having already dreamed yourself into this existence.   Nothing is more powerful or more beautiful than a fully realized Human. 

You are your authority.  You have the keys- now start unlocking the doors!

-Until next time


email: jwash@rattlereport.com

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