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Able Reset and the Download


By Julian WashRattleberry Pie |

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 |


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Dear Humans,


Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that allows for spiritual growth and transformation. In contemporary terms, we’re able to “download” or “upload” depending on whether we choose to hear a ripple or create one in the vast stillness of the eternal consciousness. 

But there’s another experience of a very different nature. I liken it to a “hard reset.” In this able state, the mind seems to reboot and rewrite it’s “programming” autonomically. The cause is a mystery— the effect is life changing. 

Meditation ushers in a peaceful balance and can uplift and energize. A “reset” is a different story. It pummels down with explosive force and fury. It rips away foundations and belief systems with unbridled ferocity. And so it wreaks havoc on the mind, like a twister through a trailer park. In the aftermath, one must brush off and try to figure out where they’ve put themselves. 

In the following paragraphs I invite you to travel with me into the buffeting winds of a “mind tornado” and push the big red RESET button if you so dare. The twister is not the sort that roams the prairies. It’s wrought with winds of a different kind, those of internal change and liberation. 

As a fellow psychonaut you’re already suited for such an adventure. This may be a good time to buckle down some of those hardened belief systems. They just might get sucked out of the window. No worries— those things that resonate with “truth” will remain perfectly untouched. There will be no life preservers or cautionary tape, no safety belts or helmets. All that will protect you from this helical storm will be the curious illusion we call separation.

The Brain Twister


We are drawn to the tornado by both fear and fascination. Common sense dictates that we should take shelter below when the winds of uncertainly are upon us. But yet there are those who willingly face such storms as if hypnotized by their strength, enraptured by their beauty. They may stand in awe and behold the fickle finger of fate as it lifts rooftops and cars with mind-numbing ease. What is it about, this force of nature that resonates so deep within us? What does the vortex present that’s so analogous to the spiritual world?

The “tornado” that stirs within is different from those that make headline news. Yes, different and yet curiously similar. It too comes without much warning. It’s also more prevalent in stormy weather. And it can be deadly— not to the body but to the ideas that cultivate within it. It seeks to equalize the energy from above with the energy below. It’s an unfettered vibration, and it roams the canyons of consciousness with the same reckless abandon as its physical cousin.

Traffic Control


Imagine a traffic cop commanding a busy intersection. A blow from a whistle, a wave of hand— and before too long huge amounts of traffic coordinate in a rhythmic cycle of coming and going. Without the assistance and skill of this officer, traffic would soon become snarled into a massive backup, honking horns, exploding tempers. Now imagine this same officer looking up and suddenly seeing a ninety foot tsunami of flying cars, buses and vans barreling down and converging onto the intersection. A gaping mouth can hardly blow a whistle. 

There is a mechanism in the mind that serves as traffic cop. In many ways it’s even more intrusive than the one that wears a uniform. It’s more like a checkpoint where your thoughts are carefully weighed and measured, tagged, bagged and placed on the proper shelf for possible use at some future point. Our internal “Checkpoint Charlie” will also seize anything considered “unfit” for storage. In cases of high trauma, for instance, painful experiences might be instantly packed into the cerebral equivalent of a metal drum. The mind considers this “toxic” and it will be dealt with at a later time.

My Trip


It began as a headache but soon ramped up into migraine status. I was not usually prone to headaches, let alone one of such severity. So I scrambled for some aspirin, fully knowing it would be like fighting a forest fire with a water dropper. The headache escalated and soon pistons were punching holes through my skull. I sought refuge on a couch. 

What happened shortly afterward is something that still escapes me. I felt a rush of information. I could not believe the thoughts that were manifesting. They were exotic, intense and extraordinary. Were they mine— or were they not? I tried to put the brakes on this torrent of information. I was not processing it like I should and my head was hurting enough already. My little traffic cop had been mowed over and was presumed dead by this point. Whatever this thunderous roar was, it meant business and it wasn’t going to stop until it was good and done. It not only trashed my beliefs, it trashed my “belief system maker.” It shook out my perceptions of reality as if they were merely pictures on an Etch-A-Sketch. I always liked my Etch-A-Sketch— but it got sucked out the window anyway.

At some point I had a brief “discussion” with this whirlwind of thought and consciousness. I knew what it was doing. It was cleansing. There was no need to ask “why” because I already knew. My brain needed to be swept out and swept out good. And so I asked a more philosophical question. I asked why there were bad people in this world. What is their purpose? -And it spoke. “There are no bad people,” it said. No, I insisted, there are both good and bad— so you are wrong! There was a pause in the voice. Not because it was unable to answer (I sensed) but because it was trying to put it in terms I would understand. The voice said, “There is no bad, there is choice.” I took immediate issue with this. Was this a benevolent entity? All the while my mind is continually getting vacuumed out by some cosmic Hoover. I said there are people that murder others, and they are very bad! The voice responded and clearly stated, “There is no good or bad— there is only equity and inequity.”

Anyway, so here I am today telling you about it. As the headache passed so did the experience. I felt there was spiritual “manna” all over the place. There were so many pearls of wisdom that washed across my sands and I was trying so desperately to hold onto them all. I found my wife and I remember almost frantically explaining to her that “objects talk,” yes, this is what I know and so I must tell you. I had been made aware of the consciousness in all things. I went on to tell her that we “already know everything— we just forgot how to remember.” -Nonsensical? Perhaps! They certainly were not the usual words from my former, regimented mouth. And there was so much more. I must tell her everything, I thought, I must tell her now! I was worried it would all slip away.

I took quite a risk jabbering off what must have sounded like crazy ramblings. She handled it all very well. It was not my usual rhetoric and she so wondered how these curious notions and musings came about. She wondered as did I.

My House Was Empty


The feeling one gets when they walk into a clean and empty house is how I was feeling. Every so often I would see a tiny little gum wrapper here or there and would quickly pick it up and throw it away. The little things were now obvious. I liked what the mind tornado did. I just sat in the quiet emptiness.

But soon I would have to put new furniture in it. Not much. I rather liked the space, I decided. So everything I chose would have to resonate with a certain beauty and balance. I would have to “think” that it was beautiful. I would have to “know” that it was beautiful. Finally, I would have to “feel” it was indeed beautiful. Only then would it find an honored place in my new house. I called this new rule “Z-Ray.” One can see a “Z” pattern across the three chakras of mind, heart and solar. Think it, know it, feel it! Do all three— and do all three at once. If it’s resonates, then it’s “your” truth and deserves a place on your mantle.

No more would I accept another’s “belief” just because they say it’s so. All the crap that was funneled into my brain by misguided souls who thought they were doing me a favor had now been flushed down some kind of giant cosmic toilet bowl. Parents, teachers, pastors and ministers— all that they proclaimed as “truth” would now be under the scrutiny of this new light. Needless to say, very few of “their” views entered my new house. Perhaps it’s “your” truth I would tell them confidently. Not mine!

The Caduceus


Then one day I noticed a curious symbol. I was blown away when I saw it. I had seen the symbol a hundred times before, but it never really registered until the right moment. It’s a symbol heavily borrowed by the medical establishment. But the Caduceus symbolically represented my own experience. I recognized it immediately and was mystified by the discovery.

I did some cursory research and found all the “myths” associated with this powerful symbol to be complete and utter nonsense. How insulting, I thought. I knew what this symbol truly represented. And so do the keepers of knowledge and wisdom, who covet truth in their mystery schools. But they don’t tell us, they don’t ever tell us. Any trace of enlightenment within this matrix is taboo. Instead they feed us sophomoric stories and pump our heads full of absurdities. Had I not been broken free of my old paradigm, I too would not have seen the true meaning of this symbol.

There are many researchers who have hazarded a guess on what they think the Caduceus symbolizes. One popular notion comes from Greek lure and suggests that the Caduceus is part of the story of Tiresias, who found two snakes copulating. He was said to have killed the female with his staff. Why the female? No one knows. As a result, Tiresias was said to have immediately turned into a woman, and so remained until he/she was able to repeat the act with the male snake seven years later. This number seven, by the way, is very significant as it represents the number of chakras within us. This staff would later come into the possession of the god Hermes, along with its transformative powers.

The Caduceus does indeed represent “transformative powers” but not in the fiction we are told. From my own perspective, the serpents of Caduceus represents both aspects of “self” as in the construction and de-construction of the Human experience. The snakes represent balance between these opposing forces, for only the snake can entwine in equal measure around a staff. The symbol elegantly suggests duality within a three dimensional construct. The “staff” is certainly no ordinary staff. It has “wings.” Why? I feel the staff clearly represents the third aspect, the Eternal light, one of truth and spiritual transformation. Once this light is embraced you are liberated from the shackles of this dualistic platform and illusionary matrix. You – are – free!

“Dear Humans” and the Vibration


My spiritual awakenings are based upon this experience. The heading, “Dear Humans” creates separation, allowing me to remain unfettered and unattached from those things I speak of. Ego does not play in this garden. So novel was this vibration I choose to give it another name. I am separate yet entwined by this energy and consciousness.

And so I choose to walk in this light, to be in this world but not “of this world.” The Christ Light is one of notable expression. There is considerable wickedness upon this planet, but the Earth is not wicked. One does not have to “resonate” with those things that are dark and heavy. We can separate from this density and look upon the Earth with the watchful eye of the guardian. But first we must free ourselves from the shackles others have placed upon us, that bind us to juvenile belief systems and twisted contradictions. As a Divinely touched Human, you were meant to be free. You have wings— so why don’t you use them?

Final Thought


Whew! Well that was quite a storm. You might want to check your pockets and make sure you haven’t lost anything in those punishing winds. But then again, perhaps you feel lighter. What sensation do you prefer? The security of what’s in your pocket, or the feeling of being lighter? You can have both. That which you carry in your pocket should be as light as you are. If it’s not—then what’s it doing there?

Some have suggested my brain gave up a little DMT in response to the horrible pain of my headache. That would explain my “visions,” they say. Perhaps, though it doesn’t make my “visions” any less real. I have never taken psychedelics. I have never spoken to the mushroom nor has it ever spoken to me. I have not sipped the tea of the gods, though I understand she sings a fascinating song. I have never smoked my truth into existence, though it might have saved me considerable time. My experience was solely one of self-travel, and yet the garden I see around me shimmers in the same magnificent light that my experimental brothers and sisters have spoken of. 

It is not the “man” that is evil— but it is the man who “chooses” evil. In my mind, these distinctions are now clear and separate. My agent for awareness comes not from a tiny dot on paper. It comes from within and without— and in equal measure from what I feel above and below. The “tornado” is in each and every one of us. Your vortex is spinning at this very moment, quietly and dutifully connecting you above and grounding you below. Should one’s house get too polluted, then it might someday all get ripped away. It is not for spite. It is love.

-Until next time


email: jwash@rattlereport.com

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