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Time Compression and the Psychonaut


By Julian WashRattleberry Pie |

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 |


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Dear Humans,


Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that can sense the relative nature of time.  This vibration has no perceivable beginning or end— it just simply is.  It’s relative to the motion and energy of those things within and around, from organic internal rhythms to the cycle of the Sun, planets, moon and stars. 

We seemed attuned to these natural movements.  So profound are these influences, one need only consider how the moon attunes to the aspects of a woman and the rhythm of her cycles.  And when we look at the position of the Sun, planets and stars we can glean a great deal about who and what we are starting from the day we were born.   And so it seems that there’s much more to the nature of time than mechanized movement, rhythm and rotation.  There’s an elusive awareness, a streaming consciousness that flows like stardust through an hourglass.  And the Heavens whisper their knowing at every degree, arc and angle from their celestial vantage of harmony and light.   

But in the hour of our moment, we’ve assailed to “modern times,” where natural rhythms have been largely ignored and replaced by convenient little time-keeping devices.  Your cell phone, watch, clock, computer, satellites and most every time-keeping instrument is calibrated in one way or another to a rather innocuous oscillation emanating from a building in Boulder, Colorado.  The unlikely source is a stable isotope of cesium-133.   More commonly referred to as the atomic clock, the cesium resonance serves as the heartbeat for the modern world.

In the following paragraphs I invite you to take a brief trip with me outside this world of sweeping hands and swinging pendulums.  We’ll launch from our powerful mind-ship as a “psychonaut” and explore an uncharted moon where time does not exist.  No passing days or nights and neither a tick nor a tock- just perfect stillness.  -An alien landscape in every sense of the word. 

We’re moving at quantum speed now, so your electronic timepiece will no longer serve you.   But fear not.  Upon our return trip you may begin to question if it ever really did. 
Alien Moon and the Clap Echo Second


Imagine, if you will, a world void of any natural sound or vibration, without changing light and shadow or movement of any kind.  Stars hang in place with neither a twinkle nor a wink.  A number of neighboring planets appear frozen and static amid the inky backdrop of space.  You look inside yourself for any hint of rhythm, pulse or breath -but there are none.   You’re on a moon where time does not exist.  For now, your only concept of time is your memory of it.  Had you no recollection at all, then you would not have noticed or cared that your hair is no longer growing and you haven’t aged –not in the slightest bit.

Upon exploring this abandoned place, you discover the ruins of a concrete-like building.  It reminds you of a parking structure on Earth.   The concrete material has held up perfectly because there is no time effect upon it.  No erosion or decay—just like new.   You remember as a child how you could clap your hands together and hear the ensuing echo in a structure such as this.  And so once again you feel the compulsion.  You clap your hands together and to your astonishment a sound is returned.

You begin to notice the duration between the clap of your hands and the returning echo.  You soon establish this interval as a “clap echo second.”  It not exactly an “Earth” second- but on this alien rock you can call it whatever you want.   Imagination runs unabated as you begin to assimilate seconds into minutes and minutes into hours.   Not much to work with on this barren moon, but you’ve managed to mimic the duration in some mechanical way by stacking small stones on a primitive slide.  The sliding of every stone is roughly synchronized to one clap echo second.   Soon it occurs to you that your idea for the rock clock came about some three hundred stones ago, or 300 echo seconds.   That’s about five minutes you surmise.   And maybe it’s just your imagination, but did the planets in the sky move ever so slightly?

A couple thousand stones later you realize the planets have indeed moved and the edge of what was a stationary shadow has now ebbed and retreated.   Once again you clap your hands to “recalibrate” your stone clock but discover something very strange has happened.   The echo returns much sooner.  You notice the shorter echo has a higher pitch.  It’s as if time has sped up and the frequency got higher.  Before too long you notice the walls of this parking-like structure had mysteriously moved in closer causing the shorter duration.  What a strange building.  Whoever built it must of have had a bizarre sense of humor, you figure.   In order to stay attuned to this change, your rock clock must be adjusted to work faster.   This thought elicits a palpable sensation, and for the first time in a long time, you feel a pulse.
Time Compression, Mind Expansion


On Earth many of us are sensing a phenomenon that feels much the same way.  Time seems to be speeding up.  In a sense the “walls” are closing in.  We feel restriction and a modicum of suffocation.   But there are no actual walls moving in.  On the contrary— it may be that we are indeed expanding outward.  The net effect would feel the same.   As consciousness expands, those hypothetical walls seem closer.  You can touch them if you like.  You can bust them down if that is your choosing.  Those drawn to this website might consider the latter. 


As time is compressed, frequency is increased.  Alternatively, as our frequency increases, time becomes more compressed.  This can be exemplified by many musical instruments.  Just by stretching a drum head, you can hear the upward change in frequency.  -Tighter the head, higher the frequency.   Same is true with a guitar string.  Tighten the string and the frequency goes up.   When plucked, there are more oscillations per second in the tightened string than in a looser one.   In other words, more waveforms are being generated in the course of a given second.   When more is happening in the same amount of time, you have a form of compression.


Do you suppose that maybe your string has tightened a bit?   Is there more happening in the course of a minute or an hour than ever before?  Perhaps then your frequency has indeed shifted upward and your awareness has expanded in an outwardly manner.   If your “operating frequency” is quicker—then there’s no doubt, your clock is also ticking faster.


Higher frequencies are lighter, more energetic and can penetrate deeper into the ethereal realms.   Lower frequencies work well in denser Earthly domains.    We are born and groomed under the spectrum of lower energies.  But higher consciousness is a choice.  When one chooses to sharpen their vision, they will eventually begin to see through the veil of illusion that’s been so aggressively promoted as real.  Such an experience is both liberating and consequential.  It takes courage and resolve to raise one’s energetic footprint and witness the world from this perspective.   The guitar string doesn’t tighten on its own.  It takes energy, effort and a conscious resolve to get there.  And from there it’s always a matter of fine-tuning. 


After a fleeting glimpse, there will be a good many that will choose to retreat back to a comfortable-familiar and a place of lower vision.  We certainly should not judge those who have made such a decision.  It is not their “time” so to speak.   But with every passage of the second hand you understand that you are here at this place and time for a reason.  For you, there’s no going back.  As you tighten your “string” you begin to attune to a new wave of frequencies that resonate along with you.  You take some comfort in knowing you’re not alone, even if the others seem far and few between.

Time is a macrocosm worthy of its own dimension and perhaps the most enigmatic of all mysteries.  We may not be able to satisfactorily unravel the curious nature of time, but as psychonauts, we’re always prepared to launch penetrating questions and go where no thought has gone before.


We know time is not the linear, hardened construct that’s repeatedly inferred.   In a sense, this can be proven.   If time were not malleable, then how could one explain precognition, or little peeks into the future?   Is this phenomenon real?   There are millions that would attest to it.   I am but one of them.  Naturally anyone who has ever captured a vivid look ahead (no matter how simple or small) would undoubtedly challenge the standard view of time.   I know that time is not what “they” say it is.  I am as liberated in this knowing as I am challenged by such truth.

Final Thought


Please forgive my extemporaneous use of the term “psychonaut.”  Seems I heard it somewhere and I rather like it.  I’m acutely aware of the double entendre possibly associated with the expression, but still find it appealing.   Just as an astronaut can explore the vastness of space, we can explore the vastness of consciousness.   If visualizing oneself in a spacesuit helps—then so be it.  The mind-ship will take you wherever you want to go if you will allow it.


The Human expression is not likely the progenitor of all time—but perhaps we are the progenitors of “our” time.  I sense the present moment as a fracture in the eternal light, a doorway to all that was and ever will be.  It is this very light that moves the planets and steers the stars.  We lovingly calibrate to its measure and place it upon a dial or face with hands that point to the hour and minute.   So what time is it?  It’s our time.

And now we are living at the midnight hour.  The sentient Human is absorbing information at an incalculable rate unparalleled to any event in recorded history.  Access by way of the internet has allowed people to search for information and investigate most any question that comes to mind.  And though there is considerable “bad” information on the net, those that are awakening are developing exceptional discernment abilities on a level their ancestors could not have dreamt possible.

So is time moving faster because consciousness is expanding?  That’s my position and I know I’m not alone on that view.   The walls aren’t closing in— awareness is pushing them outward.  You’ve outgrown the room you were put in.  The frequency is higher because the distance is shorter.  You have seen the light and the light has spoken.  And now you are processing higher information with exceptional speed and efficiency.

In this hour of uncertainty, there will be those who will set the course.   For the enlightened, the path will lead to love and understanding and compassion for all things.  The vibration of peace is very high in frequency.  It can travel infinite distances but can be stopped by a simple layer of Earthly brick.  In this shift we must be mindful of the denser energies that can interfere with the coherent and benevolent streams that lightly grace our world.


Within a higher vibration, space feels smaller and the hands of time seem to spin off the dial.   But many answers are now within your grasp.  And why should they not be?  You are an entity of light and The Light is all-knowing.

Welcome back, psychonaut.  You’re electronic timekeeping device has picked up a satellite and is now relaying Earth time in your geographic zone.  Meanwhile, the frozen moon you left behind did the impossible and had its first full day of rotation.   You must have left quite an impression.

As you resume your daily course of schedules and routines someone will eventually ask you for the time— and you may ponder a moment.   It’s our time, you might say.  -Our time.   And with a little luck, you’ll send another moon into rotation.
-Until next time


email: jwash@rattlereport.com

Article originally published at: http://www.rattlereport.com/rattleberry/2014/2014-04-09
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