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Willful Subjugation and the Surrendering to Authority 


By Julian Wash

Monday, July 29, 2013

For: rattlereport.com

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Dear Humans;

Today I will attempt to offer neither judgment nor criticism- merely an observation.    The observation stems from what appears to be an innate tendency to acquiesce to the influence of authority. 


This tendency is nothing new; it has existed throughout the ages, unfolding in near seamless ways from one generation to the next.  It’s within this context I speak of, the repetitive nature of this construct, the perpetual rhythm of its movement, its waveform-like consistency and perhaps most remarkable, the spell it has cast.  The tendency is to simply accept the way things are –or to put it in another way, we don’t want to upset the proverbial apple cart.


The Misfits

But others would suggest that perhaps there are too many apples in the cart to begin with or the method of stacking could be improved.   They were occasionally called dreamers and thinkers but more often less flattering terms were pressed in place.  They were labeled the misfits and the non-conformist, the ones engaged in reckless abandon and perilous pursuits, to be wary of for their thoughts and words would infect the minds of the masses, paralyzing good judgment and reason.   Though their words often resonated with much truth, the “authority” would repeatedly caution us and put barriers in place for our “protection.”  There were sinister forces already at hand, so it would be easy for "the powers that be" to suggest that these "new" thoughts were surely the work of the devil …or worse!  That which invoked pleasure in the minds of men, fantastic thoughts of freedom and abundance, self-empowerment and connection with the divine, were certainly evil in origin, nefarious in intent …and flat out dangerous.


Those exceptionally aware and competent in their respective language would invariably find ways to maneuver around such rigid barriers, and like expert seamen, would navigate around the nonmalleable, colossal weight of ignorance that authority had nurtured, fostered and instilled in the minds of many over the course of centuries.   For these prolific and inspiring souls would successfully (if only temporarily) avoid the stigmas and negative associations that authority would otherwise bestow upon them.  It was through the sophisticated and convoluted nature of their discourse that they would stay one step ahead of authority.  These great minds would sometimes be called philosophers and poets, and buried within their fruitful prose were hidden treasures, morsels of wisdom.   As was often the case only the aware reader could spot the morsels, as they were carefully hidden behind gossamer lenses of metaphor and allegory.  Once again they would speak the message of the misfits, but this time in the guise of scholarly doctrine.


Their minds and imagination were vibrant and intact.  Sometimes however the nets would come down and ensnare the scientists, thinkers and dreamers, philosophers and poets.   They would be silenced, and more often than not, in a most brutal and demonstrative way.   –As was the case of such luminaries as Giordano Bruno and Socrates.   We have our modern examples too.  Authority would speak loud and clear in the form of sheer punishment and belligerence.  Humankind would ultimately yield to these acts of authority and in the process be sorely stunted in their development.  Some, however, would actively submit, grovel and genuflect to their brutal masters in the hope of earning favor.  They would seek office and position so that others of “lesser title” would be forced to grovel to them as well.   Most people, however, would simply remain silent and go on with their lives –and this “silent majority” remains.

Silence is Golden


I suppose the old adage is true but it might most appropriately apply to those that order the silence.  The human race has been abuzz with chatter.  Authority is greatly concerned and appalled by this so-called “information age.”  The internet was intended to be, among other things, a handy commerce and communication device with the added benefit of data mining.  News and information would be delivered to you by the usual “trusted” vendors.  It’s my position that the emergence of so-called “alternative news” was nary a concern to the egoists that dominated media.  The plan was to continually bombard our senses with “their” brand of news and “their” agenda and so any other attempts at news would be rendered down and stifled in the process.  After all, that’s pretty much how it worked in TV land.  But that’s not what Universe had in mind in the new “wild west” of Cyberspace. 

Rise of the Tinfoil Hat


Along the course of this information infusion, the so-called “tinfoil hat crowd” slowly elevated from its much touted derogatory status into the more fashionable symbol of “truth seeker.”  But for those that still don’t get it, they’re plight has intensified.  Increasingly, this group is feeling outnumbered, lost, confused, irritable and disoriented.  This has been exasperated by the people they look up to and have admired who are now also donning the silver hat.  Authority is desperately trying its best to humiliate the thinkers by using catch-all phrases like “truther”  “conspiracy nut” and such.  Pay no mind.  Dear humans wear your tinfoil hat with pride and make it fashionable.

The Boy Who Would Be King

Recently we were all bore to witness the arrival of a beautiful baby boy that could someday be king.  The mainstream media genuflected and curtsied in their most abundant, obedient and predicable fashion.  But here once again the “royals” symbolize authority in the most extreme and brutal form.   There are those that would argue with robust adoration that the power and influence of these royal families are largely ceremonial and the celebrated traditions of today simply hearken back to the days of old.  Yep  -those good ole’ days of royal monarchy.   But as I said I will not try to judge.  Perhaps these same people have a genetic advantage, superior knees which allow them to remain in the “bent” position at great lengths of time. 

Closing Thought


I don’t compulsively oppose authority- but I questioned it on a daily basis.  Authority, when left unbridled can and will run amok.  We see this today with the many draconian measures in place, the wanton act of spying on citizens and the outright arrogance and condescending response of those people that wear the costume of authority.  But there has been an ongoing shift in consciousness that’s been expedited through these indiscretions and if we stay on course we will rise above those that would otherwise control us.  Extreme belligerence is still the favorite tool of authority and it can take many forms.  But we are now beginning to seriously reexamine and question what it means, for instance, when authority asks us to kill another for the sake of the nation, a person we have neither met nor seen except through the scope of a rifle.  In increasing numbers, it would appear that we are no longer behaving as willfully submissive pawns in some grand chess game.  The king and queen hold no authority over us now –or do they? 


The final step is removing oneself from the multi-generational conditioning process which has placed authority figures deep within our psyche and at the nexus of our being.   The human mind has built this construct largely on pillars of illusion and therefore the human mind can dispel it at any time.   For all will choose their way in time –as for me the time is now.


Until next time.


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