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The External Immune System and the Power of Intention


By Julian Wash

Monday, August 12, 2013

For: rattlereport.com

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Dear Humans,

When we think of the “immune system” we automatically assume we are speaking of specialized cells and glands within the body that actively target pathogens or any variety of potentially hostile microbes.  But the image I wish to create for you today goes fairly well beyond the confines of inner space and the definable boundaries of the Human body.  This particular layer of immunity is every bit as robust and pugnacious as the one that fights disease and infection -but with one very important distinction.  This immune response happens to operate outside the body.


The External Infection

I wish for you to try and recall a time when you were put in a near-impossible situation.  For the purpose of this example let’s assume it was a job you accepted.  In this particular case let’s say the job was barely adequate in helping you to meet even your most basic financial needs.  In addition to this, you found yourself surrounded by hostile, selfish and malevolent personalities.  You were up against a rock and a hard place because there were responsibilities and obligations you had to satisfy, a family to support, others that were counting on you, etc.  But the daily pain was relentless and you wondered whether you could find the strength to continue.  No other job offers had come up -even if they did you were hardly in the position to take time off to interview.  You felt trapped, cornered and desperate.


The Possible Outcomes

In such cases the spirit-body is not unaware of your plight.  In a very transcendental way it’s invoking an immune response.  The spiritual body senses the “stress” and sends out rather unique (and for lack for a better word) "external antibodies." 

Antibodies Come in All Shapes and Sizes


There are many ways this scenario may play out.  Perhaps one day a customer comes along and a conversation leads to a recommendation to a position that you’re perfectly well suited for.  Because this customer carries considerable clout at their place of employment you’re awarded the position and finally extricated from the hostile confines of your previous post.    So where are the antibodies?  


Another scenario may play out this way.  Perhaps a new employee comes along and shifts the weight off from you.  Maybe this new employee will fall into the managerial gun sites, so to speak, and will begin to bear the brunt of criticism that you had been enduring.  This "sacrificial lamb" could vent enough pressure away to allow you to finally catch your breath and get your strength built back up.  Are you starting to see antibodies? 


Consider yet another scenario.  What if a new employee comes along who just happens to be a little quicker and a little sharper than the regular players on the game board?  This new employee beams with confidence, instills respect from others, but more importantly ultimately recognizes you for your individual strength and contribution.  You are quickly taken under this person’s wing.  From there on out the tides rapidly turn for the better.  Before too long you’re recommended to a position that pays better and fits your personality.  Now you’re on your way to "recovering," recovering from that nasty bug you’d been externally afflicted with for some time.   


And this demonstrates (in a very narrow way) just how the “external” immune system works.  Perpetual suffering is not a normal state of Human expression and will “invoke” some level of change to alleviate the chronic stress.   These helpers will not come by accident.  They are signaled in.


Miracles and Angels

People of faith will tell you "guardian angels" play an important role in peoples lives.  This does not contradict the idea of external immunity- in fact it supports it.  Passionate prayer seems to invoke these "external antibodies.”  Exactly who or what some of these "helpers“ are is a matter of conjecture.  In most cases, however, it’s a purely Human intervention.  But then there are the more baffling cases. .


Recently a reported case of a young Missouri woman tells of such an account.  Emergency crews spent over an hour trying to extricate the 19-year-old who was pinned in her crushed car.  Countless attempts to free her were met with failure as the collapsed metal of the older model Mercedes was too strong for the cutting tools of the rescuers.  As she felt her life slipping away she asked the people around her to pray with her.  A priest was said to have suddenly appeared and offered comfort to the still conscious woman.  He assured her and the rescuers she would be okay. 


Another desperate attempt was made to free her from the wreckage- this time they were successful.  Though badly injured, the young lady was air lifted to a nearby hospital where she was expected to recover.


The priest, however, remained a mystery.  Who was he?  Where did he come from?  No one seemed to know.  Over eighty photographs were taken at the scene of the accident- not one of them captured the priest.


Closing Thoughts

You entered this world with an external immunity defense system and it can manifest in a number of ways.  Now that this system has been brought back into your awareness be assured it's there for you should you require it.  I might also add that not only are you a deserving recipient of this remarkable gift- you're also an occasional contributor, a "helper cell" for someone else. 


The final point that I wish to make here is that impossible situations simply will not last forever.  Should you find yourself in a crisis situation take heart in knowing the spirit body will come to your assistance.  You can be sure of that.

Until next time.


email: jwash@rattlereport.com


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