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Zeroing In Your Z-Ray -and the Perilous Pursuit of Truth 


By Julian Wash

Monday, July 22, 2013

For: rattlereport.com

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The worst day of my life was when I had dismissed everything I once held as true. This would later prove to be my best day.
To Every End We Start Again
So was the case in my life. Years ago I experienced a profoundly shocking "moment of truth." Stunned and confused, I watched in abject horror as everything I once held near and true suddenly slipped from my grasp like sand through mangled fingers. All those fuzzy warm beliefs and the comfort they afforded had abruptly ripped away, transforming into catacombs in my mind, cold repositories where refuge for the living was hardly an option. It seemed every step I took caved under the weight of this pressing new awareness. I felt panicked- with no place to go.
As I watched my former grasp on reality melt away into oblivion, I seriously began to question my sanity. I turned to many venues searching for answers. Perhaps there were others who saw the world as I did -feeling alone and untethered. In the meantime I had developed much disdain and bias toward mass media and various "higher learning" institutions, religions and even toward individuals who struck me as complacent with the status quo. Despite this, I was determined to go forward and "relearn" those things I needed to know- but with one important caveat- this time the "learning" would be strictly on my terms.
Parents, Teachers and Preachers
I suppose it's safe to say that for the most part they meant well and had the best of intentions. I would later surmise that these were the people at the core of my dilemma- well intentioned souls that I loved and respected who were, by in large, attuned to a societal construct that was largely non-congruent with how I saw the world. They "lovingly" subordinated themselves to societal norms and snapped that same template of "conformity" on my head-- as if one size fits all. That same template was handed to them by their parents, teachers and preachers- and so on. They adopted this structure as "their" truth and, ipso facto, their truth must therefore be mine.
Four Again
In this desperate search to find myself, to find truth, meaning and harmony, I was forced to ultimately look within. One day it occurred to me that "the truth" was with me all along. Since the age of four I could remember having keen insights, psychic revelations and a tremendous curiosity. I was happy and at peace with the world. I could also remember when the changes began- when I took my comfortable shoes off at the urging of others to wear "their shoes" for awhile.  Their shoes never did fit right- but everyone reassured me on how good I looked in them-- so they must be right --right? So as I struggled to rebuild my reality, my identity, I now at least had a starting point, small flashes of memory of who I used to be. With much reflection, several more bits and pieces would assemble, helping me to remember who I was before being persuaded to act as someone else.
Mass Purge
This was a daunting experience indeed and a monumental task. Like a dusty attic cram packed full of piles of junk, my mind felt like a refuse station just waiting to be cleared. I would systematically sort through each item, reexamining every single detail with careful aplomb and under the scrutiny of a newly adopted method of observation. In my case the "attic" represented all the stuff I was spoon fed over the years, the crap that was funneled into my brain, the opinions, ideologies and ways of thinking that were shoveled into me at an unmerciful measure.
As I picked though the pieces, the "junk" that no longer represented who I was- simply went out the window. About ninety percent of the garbage in that attic ultimately got dumped, scooped and heaved into that massive catacomb in my mind. I flicked a match into that volatile pile. I was finding myself again.
Remembering Z-Ray
Where do I begin? I say "remember" because the technique had simply been forgotten. This "new me" (which was really the old me) opened so many pathways in my consciousness that I couldn't begin to summarize it all in this report. What I can tell you is that I remembered a very important aspect pertaining to truth --truth in its purest form embodies a certain resonance. Once you're attuned to hearing truth you will know it immediately -you will not, cannot, be bamboozled or coerced again. The technique I had been employing was serving me well. I began calling it Z-Ray.
Z-Ray is a way of seeing, hearing, feeling, touching and sensing all things. For me this wasn't some quirky novelty tool belonging to the New Age community. It was (and is) a very important survival tool necessary for growth and protection. Those without this awareness would later strike me as disadvantaged -not functioning anywhere near full ability.

The letter Z essentially represents three points on the human body, the mind, heart and abdomen region. So now imagine a large letter Z out in front of you -where the top of the letter crosses the head, then angles past the heart and finally the base of the Z crosses the stomach. There's your Z. A bit silly? Maybe. But the letter Z works well as a memory aide- and the notion of a "Z-Ray" is something the mind seems rather quick to adopt. Maybe it's the "superhero" implication.
Maybe because you ARE a superhero.
Think It, Know It, Feel It
It's about understanding that truth has a vibration, a very palpable one. One should use Z-Ray to determine the validity of an idea, statement or circumstance. Does the idea sit right in your mind, reasonable, equitable, etc. -does the idea seem right in your heart -virtuous, loving, kind, etc. -and finally does it feel right on a more visceral , gut instinct level? If the idea, experience or suggestion seems simultaneously and equally right on all three levels- then you've happened upon a truth that resonates with the person you are. Almost like a tuning fork resonating to a piano key strike of the same note, you'll resonate with it.
It may take some practice to become comfortable with this tool- but once you master it there will be no stopping you. People will sense your self-assurance, your internal power and they will either embrace the person you are- or they will walk away in confusion wondering why you don't roll down the track like everyone else. If so --then so be it.
Final Thought
When one "awakes" from their slumber it becomes strikingly obvious and disconcerting to see others still asleep. You can't always wake the sleepers- some experts on the subject even go so far as to suggest you shouldn't even try- it's simply not their time. If you are among the "awake and aware" be grateful for your vision for it is truly a gift --and keep your Z-Ray on the ready.
Until next time.


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