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The News Syndicate and The Advent of Bridge Media 

By Julian Wash
Rattleberry Pie

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

For: rattlereport.com 

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Dear Humans,


You have become increasingly aware that the majority of dominate news organizations are monopolized by just a few media conglomerates.   As such, you’re beginning to see how news has been delivered to you in a very deliberate and controlled manner under the rigors of protocol, the guise of journalistic rectitude and illusion of choice.   

But now, on the eve of mass enlightenment, you are seeing the rivets pulling from the seams, the sheet metal buckling and the literal death throes of this once cartel-like iron grip over information venues.  The complicit media has a long and checkered past of subordinating facts with opinions, mitigating truth with rhetoric and offering complacency in the face of urgency.  The “power of the press” has proven to be a divisive and forceful instrument of control capable of steering elections, fomenting opinion and inciting fear, anger and division within the masses. 


Rise of the Internet


The internet has become the unexpected bastion of expression and freedom for independent journalists, bloggers and for people that neither have obligations, commitments nor ties with the big media players.  They write freely without the heavy hand of the editor or the narrow guidelines and oppressive standards so prevalent in the corporate newsroom.  And perhaps most noteworthy, they have no reason to yield or genuflect to the whims of big advertisers and corporate sponsors. 

As countermeasures go, the web has also become infused with erroneous data and surreptitious characters who sometimes try to diminish or belittle the voice of this rapidly growing movement.  This, however, has proven largely ineffectual. 

Like a heavy fog slowly lifting, people are now seeing farther and deeper and realizing there is much more truth to be gleaned.    In light of this higher awareness, they are now seeing the strings that hold together this intricate labyrinth known as mass media.  Through the eyes of the “awake” the once prestigious mainstream newspaper reporter has been reduced to mere storyteller, the once celebrated news anchor has been relegated to showman and the once glamorous news magazine writer is revealed as a sententious and sanctimonious spin doctor.    Despite their efforts to cull this shift of awareness, the change continues to build momentum.


A New Breed of News


In 1997 a little known journalist by the name of Matt Drudge would change the face of news.  By popularizing the concept of “aggregate news,” Drudge would draw on multiple news venues, include many international publications, U.S. and world events and create a global composite of mainstream topics comingled with unique and often unrelated stories.  All links would appear on a single page, and with the exception of the headline, most content would command a similar degree of visibility.

Without having to yield to agenda driven editors, he broke the story of the sexual exploits of Monica Lewinsky with then President Clinton after the mainstream publication Newsweek shirked its duty and tried to bury the story.  The rest, as they say, is history.


The Advent of Bridge Media


The essential idea behind the concept known as “bridge media” is to combine stories of diverse topic, category and nature and present them in a manner where they carry equal weight and footing.  For instance, stories that would normally be categorized as “odd” or “bizarre” such as credible reports of UFO or “ghost sightings” would find no such label here.  Bridge media at its most fundamental core attempts to relay a composite structure of the news without injecting personal biases into the equation. 

Removing labels and stigma and treating all news as simply “news” seems to be an essential aspect to bridge media.   Its content may be raw in many ways –links will direct you to lesser known places.  But here you will find unbridled expression and meaningful content.  

Sources such as www.beforeitsnews.com and the up-and-coming www.rattlereport.com in many ways exemplify this new approach to media, though there are hundreds of other good examples.  What at first may appear as a mish-mash of unrelated content materializes into a larger picture.  In short time, a visitor to such sites will begin to appreciate the broad sweeping topics, the relevance of stories, the unabashed posturing and the attention given to significant events across the world.  So whether it’s a flood in Jakarta or a UFO over Pittsburgh, both stories are considered relevant and will likely share equal ranking in the framework of the page.


Bridging Connections


Another interesting aspect to so-called bridge media is how it may help to usher in those who might still be “less than awake” by intermixing “regular” news with esoteric material and stories of high novelty.   There is no overwhelming mix of any particular breed of content so current topics may share company with one or two “conspiracy” stories along with a touch of the paranormal.   Bridge media sites cannot be pigeon-holed as too odd or too conspiratorial because of the even blend of material.  The reader soon discovers “bridges” between otherwise mundane “news of the day” with bits and pieces of the extraordinary.    This promotes a stimulating and mind-expansive experience.   More importantly, it promotes thinking and questioning.


Final Thought


The ultimate conspiracy can be found in the duplicity of mainstream media.  They want you to believe they’re your advocate when in fact, they are messengers of deception.  They have stirred elections, shaped our collective opinions and attitudes, and have cultivated anger and division.  Under the ruse of benevolence, this self-serving, self-righteous, hideous monstrosity of disinformation continues to probe the midnight alleys looking for new and easy targets.  But it’s getting harder with each passing day.

Alternative news websites, the aggregation sites, and websites that refer to themselves as “bridge media” are not perfect and not without some bias.  However, it appears to be a step in the right direction.  So long as the mainstream continues to stigmatize news that questions authority as “conspiracy,” as long as they continue to not adequately inform people about the dangers of GMO’s and vaccinations, the existence of chemtrails and the NWO –as long as they continue to keep us in the dark on what really happened in Benghazi, to JFK and on 9/11 –then how can we trust them?

Let us be kind to one another.  We have been through much together and there is still a long way to go.  Be patient and loving and project this energy onto others.  Be awake and aware and remember that truth has a resonance.   Learn to feel that resonance.  Be mindful of your power and be savvy to those who try to take it from you.   

-Until next time


email: jwash@rattlereport.com

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